Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The search for a P&S

Today I got lost in a HSZ looking for a place to eat and almost got shot by an Army personal…
Army Aiya - Kohe da yanne? Identiya denna… (Where are you going? Give your Identity Card)
Me- *Trying my best not to look lost while searching for my NIC among all the junk I keep in my wallet.* Errrm…. Me hariye Perera & sons ekak thiyenawa da? (Is there a Perera & sons nearby?)
Army Aiya- Mokak? Malli me Paren yanne Araliya Gaha Mandiraya ta. Anna athana num perera & sons ekak da mokak da thiyenawa. (What? Brother this road leads to the temple trees. There’s a Perera & sons over there.)
Me- oh… thank you.. =|

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